Vienna Chapter

IDENTITY The Vienna Chapter was founded in 1994 with the aim to provide a forum for sharing knowledge on issues of human development in the context of globalization, and promote a better understanding of the effects of globalization on social justice, human security, environment, gender equity and civil, political and human rights.

MISSION The Vienna chapter works as a knowledge broker, supporting the exchange and dissemination of ideas and key research findings among individuals and institutions; through its activities the chapter is committed to raise awareness and promote a greater participation at local level of people and institutions in the field of international development.

ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMMES The organization of higher education initiatives on sustainable development is underway in cooperation with five Vienna Universities and international organizations based in Vienna. The first initiative in 2011 explored new forms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In 2012 the topic is 'Access to Energy for All'. Between 2009 and 2011, the chapter has carried out a series of discussions and policy dialogues which gathered experts and practitioners to discuss the triple  - economic, financial and climate – crisis, and its challenges for the environment and sustainable development. Click here to read more about current and past initiatives.

How to become member of Vienna Chapter If you want to become a member of Vienna Chapter, please fill in the application form available at the SID Vienna Chapter's website.

Contact details:
Mr.Thomas Nowotny, President
Mr.Uwe Schubert, Vice-President
Ms.Bärbel Chambalu, Secretary General
Address: Gusshausstrasse 10,
1040 Wien - Austria

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