The organizational structure of the Society consists of a General Assembly, a Governing Council, an Executive Committee, officers, national and local organizations (chapters), and an international Secretariat.

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of SID, approving the broad guidelines for the programme and generally overseeing the work and activities of the Society. All members have a right to participate in the general assembly or to vote through proxy. The General Assembly meets every four years.

The Governing Council is elected by all members - individual and institutional - in advance of each regular General Assembly through a mail ballot. It acts as the board of directors for the Society. It has the power 'to approve proposed budgets, authorize expenditures, seek and accept contributions, authorize contracts in the name of the Society, define and promote the activities of the Society, determine the eligibility of applicants for membership, authorize the employment of auditors, provide for the business and conduct of the General Assemblies, and provide for the distribution of the Society's journal and other publications'. It may delegate powers and duties to officers and employees of the Society. The Governing Council seeks to include representation from each major region of the world and meets at least once annually.

The Executive Committee consists of 6 to 9 members elected by the Governing Council from among its membership. The Executive Committee is chaired by the President of the Society.

The President and up to two Vice-Presidents of SID are chosen by the Governing Council from among its own members.

The Managing Director is appointed by the Governing Council and serves as an ex-officio member of the Governing Council and of the Executive Committee with right to vote in each of them.

The members Of the Governing Council for the 2012-2015 period is:

Juma V Mwapachu 
Society for International Development 
Jean Gilson Vice Ppresident Senior Vice President, Strategy and Information Technology at DAI USA
René Grotenhuis
Chief Executive Officer, 
The Netherlands
Stefano Prato
Managing Director 
Society for International Development
Akwasi Aidoo
Executive Director, 
Ines Alberdi
Professor of Sociology,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Larry Cooley
President, Management Systems International
Benito Gorgonio de Miguel
Technical Under Secretary,
Betty Maina
Chief Executive, Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Philip Oxhorn   Professor of Political Sciences and Founding Director, Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University Canada
Samuel Mwale
Principal Administrative Secretary, Presidency & Cabinet Affairs Office, Republic of Kenya
Norbert Noisser
Deputy Head of Foreign Trade Division, Ministry of Economics, Transport, Urban and Regional Development
Jetti Oliver
Governance Chancellor, SHIATS University, India
Cream Wright
President and CEO, REDI4Change LLC Research, Educational and Development Initiative, USA
Sierra Leone