Welcome to the SID Buenos Aires Chapter's New Executive Board Members

The Buenos Aires Chapter (SIDbaires) presented new authorities in a meeting in which its members reaffirmed their commitment to continue to work in the construction of inclusive and democratic development.

Fernando Grasso, chief economist with the ADIMRA metal industry chamber, has been elected as the new president of the Buenos Aires Chapter of SID (SIDbaires). The new leadership was presented during a meeting attended by over 40 members of the chapter on July 16.

The chapter also elected Diego Coatz, chief economist with the UIA Argentina Industrial Union; Andrea Pietrobuono, director at the Banco Ciudad de Buenos aires; and Sergio Woyechezsen, deputy minister for Industry in the province of Buenos Aires, as its vice-presidents. The chapter’s executive board also includes outgoing president Mariano de Miguel as head of the Political Council, Marcelo J. García as International Relations officer and Gustavo Ludmer as Executive Director.  Benito de Miguel is the chapter’s mentor and member of SID’s Governing Council.

“We all work in our professions every day to promote our common ideal to turn the development of our country into a reality. At SID we gather to join those efforts in order to make them stronger and more structured,” said Fernando Grasso. “We have to be the generation that finally places our country on the road toward inclusive and democratic development.”

De Miguel highlighted the multi-discipline and diverse background of SIDbaires’ members and placed special emphasis on the political but non-partisan profile of the organization. “We understand politics in an ample sense and our commitment to development is our way of live,” he said. “That is why we are militant of our ideas in each and every thing we do. We are not here to discuss papers but to actively influence in the destiny of our country and our region.”

Founded in 1958, SIDbaires is one of the oldest chapters of the SID global network. You can learn more about SIDbaires at www.sidbaires.com.ar or @sidbaires on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/SIDbaires on Facebook.