'We are at the threshold of new civic movement' Harry Boyte at SID NL lecture series

Harry Boyte, Director of the Centre for Democracy and Citizenship at Augsburg College,  held a lecture titled ‘Citizens at the Centre of the Globalising World’ (10 February 2014)  as part of the SID Nehterlands 2013-2014 lecture series. Boyte warned that technocratic creep thwarts citizen efforts to self-organise. A growing detachment between professionals and citizens arises, which devalues other kinds of knowledge. In his lecture Boyte told about his experiences in the Obama campaign and in the anti-segregation movement. His main argument is that politics should be citizen-centred instead of consumed by the masses.
Read the full speech | Lecture's report
Video interview with Harry Boyte and Fiona Dove (TNI)

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