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SID-Washington is a diverse global forum of international development practitioners and serves as a knowledge broker for ideas and best practices. SID-Washington is a leading global development membership organization that provides a space for dialogue and bridges a dynamic community of individuals and institutions working in international development.


To advance equitable development by bringing diverse constituencies together to debate critical ideas, policies, and practices that will shape our global future. 


SID-Washington achieves its mission as a forum for the development community through regional and topical workgroup events, monthly chapter events, and special programs. SID-Washington also holds three annual events, including a conference on relevant trends and issues in international development, a career fair for entry-level and mid-level professionals, and a gala dinner that celebrates standout achievements in our field.

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Contact details:
Katherine Raphaelson, President
Byron Radcliffe, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Address: 1101 15th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, D.C., 20005, USA
T:+1 202-331-1317
E-mail: generalinquiries@sidw.org
Website: www.sidw.org


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