Vision & Mission

SID firmly believes that the challenges posed by the current pattern of globalization will not be resolved through cultivating polarized confrontations. While it is clear that these conflicts reveal the need for an open and honest dialogue around the form and practice of today’s globalization (in particular its impact on the poor and marginalized), protagonists in this debate cannot rely on confrontation alone to make their point. Over the years SID has played an important facilitating or mediating role among progressive civil society groups, connecting activists, academics, intellectuals and policy makers working at community, national and international levels in open and inclusive dialogues on strategies for social justice and institutional change.

The outcome of these engagements confirmed the urgent need to find new spaces and articulate new processes where representatives of civil society as well as institutions of the state and market (including intergovernmental institutions) can meet and reflect to share experiences, debate the lessons learnt and explore possible alternatives for a constructive agenda for the future. 

The Society's programme of work seeks to build capacity within the organization in order for it to accomplish its broadly stated vision and mission that remain unchanged. Generally SID's activities will aim to:

  • Contribute to building consensus for the need for a new convivencia by supporting initiatives that generate new visions for society, leadership and political will;
  • Encourage and facilitate dialogue between diversities through knowledge based activities;
  • Facilitate knowledge generation, sharing and dissemination.

Through its programmes, SID aims to position the institution as a leading point of reflection on development issues, an institution that brings together diverse views and experiences from across the spectrum of human endeavour. Through these efforts, SID is recognized as a pertinent, innovative and future oriented institution that fosters learning, innovation and constructive dialogue; one that nudges institutional boundaries and enlarges the spaces for exchange and exploration in the search for social justice and development that is just, equitable and sustainable.