Video Presentation of 2012-2013 Lecture Series' opening debate

The first lecture and discussion in the 2012-2013 lecture series ‘More than 50 years of ODA: lessons learned and new approaches’ took place on September 25.

Given the current global economic climate and increased scepticism from the public, should ODA still be considered the viable way forward in terms of future economic/financial policy towards the developing world? What are the alternative frameworks that challenge the existing organizational structure? This VIDEO provides a summary of the discussion and main lectures delivered by the experts. It features OECD-DAC chair J. Brian Atwood, BiD Network Director Thierry Sanders, and FMO Chair Nanno Kleiterp. Read more about the event.

Previous events

The State in a Globalizing World: Providing Water in Africa | 14 September
This conference closed the 2011-2012 Lecture series The State in a Globalizing World: problematic, yet indispensable looking at the role of the state in providing public goods, and the experience with public-private partnerships in providing drinking water to households in Africa. What works and what does not? What is the potential of private sector involvement, and which role remains for the state?. Please download the REPORT of this event.

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