Uncapping the truth: The Mexican sugar sweetened beverage tax works!

Nutritional Health Alliance, Mexico | The Food and Beverage Industry is vigorously opposing Mexico's tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and is spreading misinformation about its impact around the globe, using industry-funded studies, to discourage other countries from adopting similar fiscal measures.

The Nutritional Health Alliance of Mexico wishes to reveal the industry's deceptive messaging and set the record straight, by sharing an evidence based justification of the tax and academic analysis revealing that per capita purchases/consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Mexico declined during the first two years of tax implementation (2014-2015).

Downlod the fact-sheet from the Alliance which provides eveidences about how the beverage industry is distorting the facts about the Mexican SSB tax.

See also: Growth rates and aggregates: Bringing data to the soda wars  by Rajeev Cherukupalli, in The Lancet Global Health Blog.

Source: Nutritional Health Alliance - Mexico

Photo: Michael Porter, Flickr, Some Rights Reserved