Sustainable Cities: Development issue 54.3 out now!

The new issue of Development volume 54 no 3 Sustainable Cities is on-line now for SID members and subscribers! This journal issue explores the tensions in urban spaces between the move towards the fast, big and modern and the sustainable experiments of smaller towns where urban planning is re-designed for people and their well being.

The key message from the authors of Development 54.3 is that we need to change our development narrative from fast track growth so that cities are not all about modernity, high rise, high tech, cyberspace living. Rather we need to create urban lives based on resilient economies striving for more equal, more inclusive societies with better public services, more social protection and more democratic participation of employees and consumers.

As Wendy Harcourt points out in the editorial, we need to redesign ways of living, cultures, societies and economies to bring cities to the level of people who live in them. It is the finiteness of the planet and our need to connect with each other that should determine our environmental, social and financial needs.

See Wendy Harcourts's editorial: Design for urban living

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Key articles include:

Issue 54.3 is part of the 2011 volume of Development focusing on sustainability with four critical entry points: global land grabs, challenges to sustainability, sustainable cities and cosmovisions. The next issue of Development to complete the volume on sustainability will look at cosmovisions, alternative narratives of development coming out of Latin America.

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