Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know. Book Talk with Andrew Natsios

On September 18 SID-Washignton will host a lively discussion with author Andrew Natsios on his recently released book, Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know. Following the independence of South Sudan in 2011, the region has continued to remain in conflict and crisis. Join us for a discussion with one of the most renowned experts on issues facing the people of Sudan and the future implications for the country.

Preview: Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know
For thirty years Sudan has been a country in crisis, wracked by near-constant warfare between the north and the south. But on July 9, 2011, South Sudan became an independent nation. As Sudan once again finds itself the focus of international attention, former special envoy to Sudan and Administrator of USAID Andrew Natsios provides a timely introduction to the country at this pivotal moment in its history. Focusing on the events of the last 25 years, Natsios sheds light on the origins of the conflict between northern and southern Sudan and the complicated politics of this volatile nation. He gives readers a first-hand view of Sudan's past as well as an honest appraisal of its future. In the wake of South Sudan's independence, Natsios explores the tensions that remain on both sides. Issues of citizenship, security, oil management, and wealth-sharing all remain unresolved. Human rights issues, particularly surrounding the ongoing violence in Darfur, likewise still clamor for solutions. Informative and accessible, this book introduces readers to the most central issues facing Sudan as it stands on the brink of historic change. Read more

When: Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: The Residence of Michael Pillsbury, 3017 O Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007

To register to attend the event, please email Courtney Bjorgaard at

photo: SID Washington