State of East Africa Report presentation, Leiden University

Presentation of the 'State of East Africa Report 2013' at the African Studies Center, Leiden University, with Aidan Eayakuze, SID Director and leading author of the report, Ton Dietz Director of the African Studies Centre (chair). The event is organzied by the the SID Netherlands Chapter and Leiden University


East Africa has delivered an impressive, sustained economic growth rate and is expecting a big economic boom in the near future. Nevertheless, the ordinary East African does not feel the benefits of the goals of a balanced and harmonious growth, equitable distribution of benefits and a people-centred, market-driven regional integration process as set out by the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community. Inequality, of opportunity and outcomes, is one of the world’s most pressing social challenges and a growing risk to national cohesion as well as regional and continental stability. Aidan Eyakuze will present the 'State of East Africa Report 2013' . The report explores the current status of income and wealth inequality both between and within the five East African Community member nations (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda), identifies the drivers of inequality, and imagines the possible and plausible outlooks on the future of inequality in the region. By revealing new information and fresh insight, the report is also meant to sparking the collective imagination and encouraging deeper citizen engagement with the processes that are shaping East Africa.

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Aidan Eyakuze is Associate Director of the Society for International Development. He has unique expertise in national and regional strategic thinking through his involvement in scenario-building projects entitled ‘Kenya at the Crossroads’, ‘Tutafika Tanzania’, ‘South Africa 2020’, ‘Nigeria 2025’, the ‘East African Scenarios’ and the ‘Kenya Referendum Scenarios’.