SID Washington Chapter 2012 Annual Conference

The SID-Washington’s 2012 Annual Conference will take place on June 5, 2012.  The theme of this year's conference is “The Future of Development: Politics, Policies, and the Challenges Ahead"

SID-Washington anticipates a broad-based audience of over 600 people, representing a diverse constituency of non-governmental organizations, development consulting firms, government agencies, multilateral institutions, and universities actively engaged in the field of international development. The event will be featuring several dynamic and high-level keynote speakers from around the world including the Honorable Chuck Hagel Senator from Nebraska, 1997-2009 and the International Monetary Fund's Deputy Managing Director Minouche Shafik. These speakers will be joined by many of their colleagues throughout the day to provide their vision for the future of international development.
Visit the conference website to view additional information on speakers, the agenda, and other conference information.

SID-Washington Chapter Upcoming Events

-May08 'Youth in Development Workgroup Event' Measuring the ‘Hard-to-Measure’: Evaluating Youth Outcomes in a Peacebuilding Context. Evaluators and practitioners will share methods, successes and challenges in measuring ‘hard-to-measure’ areas of youth development in peacebuilding contexts.
-May09 'Gender in Development Workgroup Event' Militarization, Human Rights and Threats to Justice in Guatemala: 2012 Human Rights Defenders Spring Speakers Tour with Iduvina Hernández. Join the SID-Washington Gender in Development Workgroup (SID/GID) and the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA (GHRC) for a presentation by Iduvina Hernández, a journalist, analyst and human rights defender who has tirelessly fought for human rights and justice in her native Guatemala for many years.

source: SID Washington

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photo: SID Washington