SID Seattle & SID Washington bi-coastal event on women's health & empowerment

January 2013. The Seattle Chapter of SID is partnering with the Washington, DC Chapter to produce a bi-coastal discussion on recent breakthroughs at the intersection of health and women’s economic empowerment.

Each Chapter will feature two speakers who will share recent breakthroughs. The discussion will include conversation from both cities so that Chapter members in each location will be able to participate with both sets of speakers and each other via video feed.
According to the World Bank’s World Development Report 2012, which focuses on gender equality, the world’s 3.5 billion woman and girls still face an uneven playing field in education, employment, earnings, and decision-making power. The report shows that gender inequality comes with a cost, while equality for women can create economic opportunities and boost efficiency and productivity. Read more

The SID Seattle Puget Sound chapter's program for 2013 unveils a close cooperation with the Washington DC chapter of SID. To learn more about the activities, how to participate or how to become member of the chapter, please visit