SID NL - ISS - HIVOS Colloquium: A critical gender lens on ‘greening’ the economy

The second Colloquium of the series A critical gender lens on ‘greening’ the economy was organized the 12th of June by SID NetherlandsISS and Hivos.The main event of the colloquium was the launch of Women reclaiming sustainable livelihoods; spaces lost spaces gained, the book edited by Wendy Harcourt.

Excerpt from the Report on the ISS-HIVOS-SID-NL Colloquium: The second Environmental Studies Colloquium Series brought together environmentalist, economists and gender experts in a debate around the green economy. The focus was on how to deepen the analysis on gender and sustainable livelihood to the green economy reflecting the main theme of the book Women reclaiming sustainable livelihoods. The  colloquium and the book launch were timed as inputs into Rio +20 summit by looking at two key questions: How should women be ‘reclaiming’ space in the sustainable livelihoods debate? And were global conferences like Rio +20, be the spaces were their energy should be placed? Jayati Ghosh, indian feminist, underlined that gender issues are very context specific, and that gains from the past can be detained. During the book launch Ghosh observed that the book strives to combine different levels: analytical theory, individual stories and national policy. The book is open, positive, but it does not claim to have answers, it just provides space for creativity. Ghosh stated that if we all contribute in reclaiming the spaces that are lost, we can make a difference. This can be done through education, but also by creating spaces for the women the book speaks about. Hivos invites you to Download the full report authored by Eva van der Sleen (Hivos)

Facilitated by Wendy Harcourt (Editor of Development and ISS lecturer) and Josine Stremmelaar (Hivos) the Colluquium included keynotes by Molly Scott Cato (Roehampton University), Ana Agostino (Co-Chair of GCAP) and Jayati Ghosh (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Irene Dankelman (Nijmegen University) and Noortje Verhart (Royal Tropical Institute/KIT).

The Colloquium series 'Critical engagements with green economy' (March, June, September, November 2012) aims to engage academics, policy-makers, civil society and members of the private sector to address critically the concepts and practices of the green economy. Download the agenda

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