SID Hyderabad: Writings in the 21st century, trends and impact

SID Hyderabad, in cooperation with the Christian Education Council of India(CECI), the Church History Association of India(CHAI) and Osmania University Centre for International Programme(OUCIP), organized a consultation on “Writings in the 21st Century: Trends and Impacts”, at Osmania University on 29th July, 2012. The academic community, social activists and religious leaders have attended the event.

By K.Bhanumathi, Secretary, SID Hyderabad

'Writings brought revolutions in the Nations of the World. Writings are the great communicators, the connectors of past to the present and links to the future and beyond. Maha Kavi Kalidas IN the South and William Shaksphere in the North remain immortal in the memories even to the contemporary societies making such a great impact to discern the right from the wrong.'

In his inaugural address Dr. Jetti A.Oliver, SID Governing Council Member, stated that writings are a great means to transform the communities of a Nation. Cultivating the art of writing is the need of the hour in order to absorb the sense of discipline, the sense communication, the sense of connection formulating good practices for life. Quoting late President J.F.Kennedy, he brought to the memory, the need to live life that is worth writing and write books that are worth reading.

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