SID Future Day - Guns & Roses: Security, Ecology and East African Integration

The Society for International Development (SID), Rockefeller Foundation and Bertelsmann Foundation will be hosting an East Africa Future Day in Nairobi, Kenya on Monday November 12, 2012 at the Alliance Française. Registration opens at 8am.

WATCH: The East Africa Future Day Promo Video

As part of its Trend Monitoring and Horizon Scanning function in the Greater Horn of East Africa, the East Africa Future day will be centered around questions of regional integration -­ how this is being perceived by its citizens and how they think it will affect their lives, both in positive and negative terms. The East Africa Future Day will explore the hopes and fears, the opportunities and challenges of some of the region's younger citizens as they look towards a regionally integrated future through two thematic entry points: ecology and security. These entry points have been selected if only for the fact that they are, arguably, the two key pillars that underpin livelihoods. 

The day will be comprised of plenary sessions and small group discussions aimed at exploring future ecological and security challenges and opportunities from an East African regional perspective. For more information about Future Challenges and the Bertelsmann Foundation, please visit

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