SID Baires launch of Development 55.2 on 'Citizenship for Change'

The Buenos Aires Chapter of SID (SIDbaires) wrapped up the first edition of its seminars on the broader meaning of 'Development', a four-month series of conferences during which SIDbaires members and special guests discussed issues related to economic development and social and cultural integration. SID journal issue Development 55.2 Citizenship for Change, produced in partnership with Hivos, was presented by SIDbaires president, Mariano de Miguel during the last meeting of the seminar series which took place in Buenos Aires on June 11.

SIDbaires’ seminar on the topic of development consisted of a series of nine conferences covering SIDbaires’ core definition of development including macroeconomics; political systems and public policies; international integration; labor market; social security and social policies; communication; gender diversity and science and technology. Each of the speakers related their areas of expertise to a general notion of development. More than 150 attended the seminar.
During the closing conference, Fernando Peirano, Argentina’s Undersecretary for Science, Technology and Innovation, focused the different instruments, concepts and public policies needed to reach a dynamic process of productive innovation and competitiveness.
“We are activists for the cause of development, and this seminar has been evidence that our ideas can be real drivers for the cause to advance” said De Miguel in his final remarks.

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