The Search for a More Perfect Union?

SID Publication: Searching for a More Perfect Union. Scenarios for Kenya's Constitutional Referendum

Through a referendum on August 4 2010, Kenyans decide whether or not to adopt a new constitution. This will be the first time that Kenya's voters go to the polls after the General Elections in 2007. That election's disputed outcome and the violence which followed it, led the country to the brink of civil war. Kenya pulled back only after the intervention of neighbours and the international community. They brokered a settlement in the form of a Grand Coalition that brought together the major political parties to form a government.

The journey for new Kenyan constitution has been long and arduous. The outcome of this referendum will determine the fate of the country. Tensions have been stoked around the country, threats made and lives lost. The stakes in this referendum could not be higher and if it is badly managed, the outcomes could be dire.

As part of its contribution to broadening public debate around the referendum questions, SID convened a team of experts to think through some scenarios. These scenarios explore some of the challenges and options involved for all Kenyans - before, during and after the referendum. Your comments are heartily invited. Join the debate!

Download: Searching for a More Perfect Union? Scenarios for Kenya's Constitutional Referendum (PDF, 1 MB)


Photo Credits: Daily Nation and UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein