The Relevance of the State in a Globalizing World - forthcoming lecture, May 2012

On 21 May 2012 the SID NL Chapter will host a lecture by Tak-Wing Ngo ‘The Relevance of the State in a Globalizing World’

Tak-Wing Ngo, University of Macau in China, will discuss the several contradictory trends that states are presently facing. These include on the one hand the rise of multinationals, the increase in international labour migration and the proliferation of transnational civil networks, which has eroded the conventional boundary and jurisdiction of the state. Other trends, like the global financial crisis and the environmental challenge, are highlighting the relevance of the state in dealing with collective action problems.  In these circumstances, what will be the future role of the state? Should the state be strengthened as a strong actor or should it be reduced to become a caretaker? Download the invitation here

SID Netherlands Chapter's Latest Events: In its annual lecture series ‘The State in a Globalizing World: problematic, yet indispensable” two events took place. On 12 March René Cuperus gave a lecture ‘All politics is domestic politics!?’on the fundamental incompatibility between hyper-globalisation on the one hand, and nation state democracy on the other.
Two weeks later on 26 March James Cameron (Climate Change Capital) discussed the challenge for international relations that lies in the demand for global common goods and services.

These events are part of the SID Netherlands lecture series 2012, the chapter core annual activity. This year the focus theme is: 'The State in a Globalizing World'. Summary reports of these and other events of the Netherlands Chapter of SID can be found here. For more information, please visit the SID NL website at


DevelopmentPLUS and SID Netherlands

The launch of the latest Development issues no. 55.1 on ‘Greening the Economy’ was celebrated on Friday 23 March at the first in a series of four colloquia ‘Critical Engagaments with the Green Economy’ organized in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Studies. The programme included keynotes by Joan Martinez-Alier (University of Barcelona), Ken MacDonald (University of Toronto), and Esther Turnhout (Wageningen University).