Reclaiming and Redefining Rights

The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) is pleased to share with you the research study, “Poverty, Food Security, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Integrating and Reinforcing State Responsibilities, Integrating Societal Action.”

Part 1 of this study is authored by Dr. Shobha Raghuram, independent researcher, specialized in development studies and philosophy. Part 2, which provides narratives of development activists and academicians in the Asia-Pacific region, has been co-edited by Dr. Shobha Raghuram and Ms. Sai Jyothirmai Racherla of ARROW.

This research explores the linkages of poverty, food security, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the Asia-Pacific region, and underscores the need to take a synoptic view regarding the vulnerability of women’s lives in the Asia-Pacific region when assailed by poverty while simultaneously accounting these factors in SRHR.

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Shobha Raghuram is an active member of the Society for International Development. She has recently authored a follow up article of SID Journal Development Vol. 55.3 Gender and Economic Justice: Twenty years after Rio: Facing a future we do not want.


photo: babasteve/Flickr