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Development Vol. 55 no. 3 Gender and Economic Justice 

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Gender Responsive Budgeting. An exit strategy from the crisis, Interview with Zohra Khan

Gender equity: Kenya at crossroads by Akoko Akech

The middle path: Towards sustainability and global well-being, by Asoka Bandarage

Gender, growth and employment, by Elissa Braunstein 

Twenty years after Rio: Facing a future we do not want, by Shobha Raghuram 

Girls and girlhood interrupted: Two decades of statelessness and militarized violence in war-torn Somalia, by Shukria Dini

Launch events

SID - AWID - ISS | 22 November 2012 | H.  17:30 - 19:00 | ISS, The Hague  

SID and AWID invite you to join Lydia Alpízar Durán (AWID), Ireen Dubel (Hivos) and Wendy Harcourt (Editor Development), for the official Dutch launch and reception of the quarterly journalDevelopment, which now focuses on gender and economic justice. With films, discussions and a chance to network informally, it will be a unique occasion to discuss gender and economic justice issues in the context of the post 2015 development agenda.  


SID - AWID | 26 September 2012 | New York | Download invitation

Gender and economic justice' has been officially launched by SID and AWID on the 26th of September, 5 pm, in New York at Beekman Tower Hotel, 49th & 1st, 3 Mitchell Place. Stefano Prato, Managing Director of SID and Managing Editor of the journal, and Lydia Alpízar Durán, Executive Director of AWID will introduced the conversation while journal authors Radhika Balakrishnan (Center for Womens Global Leadership) and Bhumika Muchhala (Third World Network) presented some of the key features of the journal.  

About Development 55.3 'Gender and Economic Justice'

This edition of Development, produced in partnership with AWID, captures  the dynamic and creative responses of women’s movements as they confront deep economic and social inequalities of our floundering global economy.

A joint SID-AWID press release is available on the dedicated blog of DevelopmentPLUS, the online component to Development, hosted on the SID Forum.  Read the editorial by Wendy Harcourt: No economic justice without gender justice and the introduction by Cindy Clarck and Lydia  Alpízar Durán:  Transforming economi power to advance women's rights and justice.

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