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'If we can create a Golden Square of collaboration, not only between governments and the private sector, but also with civil society and science, it is possible to come up with badly needed innovative solutions to the growing global problems.'

On 22 October, Fokko Wientjes, Director Corporate Sustainable Development at DSM, delivered the second lecture in the SID 2012-2013 Lecture Series 'More than 50 years of ODA: lessons learned and new approaches'. The discussion afterwards was led by Myrtille Danse, Executive Director of BoP Innovation Center.
Watch the video with speakers and main topics addressed.
Find here the video-summary of the opening debate of this Lecture Series.

Fokko Wientjes on ‘The Private Sector as an Investor for Development’: a commentary by Bernard Berendsen*
What better can you do on a sunny afternoon in the midst of October in Amsterdam but attend a lecture at the VU University by Fokko Wientjes, director Corporate Sustainable Development of DSM, a company that aims for  “Bright Science, Brighter Living”, and participate in a lively discussion on the role of the private sector in international development? Though the Auditorium of the VU effectively and completely keeps out the sun, this is more than compensated by the enthusiasm and drive of Fokko Wientjes when he elaborates on his companies’ activities in the area of sustainability, “creating better lives for people today and generations to come”.
Fokko Wientjes is introduced by René Grotenhuis, Chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Chapter of the Society for International Development. The meeting is chaired by Myrtille Danse, Executive Director of the BoP (Base of the Pyramid) Innovation Center.
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*Bernard Berendsen is member of SID Netherlands' Board. This article was originally published on SID NL website

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