Post Rio+20 new era at the United Nations

The post Rio+20 new era at the United Nations starts with a RIO+20 new attempt to develop a practice of sustainability. The next climate and development game will be played September 2012 on the UN General Assembly court. 

By Pincas Jawetz, SID Vienna Chapter

A longer version of this article first appeared on It analyzes the preparations to the Conference, in Rio at the time of the June 2012 Conference, and further meetings in Vienna held as part of the 54 International Congress of Americanists (ICA).

Excerpt from the article

We picked up at Rio a button that said - "Step up Agenda 21 - RIO+21" - and we wondered if those that issued this button were listening to what was being said in the Conference at large. The honest truth was that AGENDA 21 was not in sight. The reality is that a RIO+21 must indeed be the launching pad of what the UN 67th General Assembly opening Statements of September 18th to October 1st 2012 must be ready to divine - and this might be something different from the outcome of the Rio Conference of 1992. It is therefore of real importance for the Heads of Delegations to prepare for the potential offered at the upcoming UN General Assembly. The "Future we want" mandates the UN Secretary Gneral to start the process at UNGA 67 in order to have proposals ready in place for UNGA 68. Interesting, material that reached us from the UN, does not mention the Commission on Sustainable Development, to be closed and lessons from the CSD to be passed to a new element to result from the deliberations of a Universal Membership High Level Political Forum. The fact that it is passed over in silence means to us that forces at the UN may still hope to undo above Rio decision...

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Pincas Jawetz is retired from having been an International Consultant on Energy Policy handling Alternate Energy and the NegaWatt. His experience ranges from new fossil fuel to biofuels within the wider agri-policy framework. As an expert on Sustainable Development and Climate Change he was directly involved in diverse UN International Conferences wearing various hats. As media he reported for Auto Free Times, Culture Change, and at present for For the Vienna Chapter of SID he co-chaired a session on Biomass and Outer Space at the UN Vienna Outer Space Conference.

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