The people of East Africa. Quick Tips from the State of East Africa Report 2013

East African Population 2012 and 2030 (Human Develpment Report, 2013)

East Africa’s population in mid-2012 was estimated at 144 million people, representing an increase of five million from 139 million in 2010. Birth registrations in East Africa are low. The percentage of registered births among East Africa’s poorest households indicate that at best, a little over half of the children born into poor families are formally ‘invisible’. East Africans are very young. The median age in East Africa – the age that divides the population into two equal halves above and below it - ranges from 15 years in Uganda to 19 years in Kenya and Rwanda (Source: SoEAR 2013).


The SoEAR 2013 explores the future of inequality within the five countries of the East African Community.

The report will be launched at 9.00 am on Friday 22nd, 2013 at the Hilton Hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya by the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly in the presence of the Members of the East African Legislative Assembly. Download leaflet

Launch event:  22  November 2013  H. 9 am | Nairobi Hilton Hotel

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The State of East Africa Report is published every year by the Society for International Development with the aim of raising awareness about the East African Community and catalysying an informed engagement and participation in the process of East Africa’s regional integration.