Our Common Challenge: A world moving toward a sustainable future

'Our common challenge: A world moving toward a sustainable future' is the focus theme of the 2011 SID World Congress. Scheduled for July 29-31 2011, in Washington, DC, this is the triennial SID unique event on the networkís calendar, with two full days devoted to define a sustainable future and explore how to achieve it.

From panel discussions to small groups workshops, issues which are essential to shape a more sustainable paradigm for people, earth and society, will be addressed and discussed.

The topics, among others, include: Economic progress, empowerment, and inclusiveness | Science and technology for sustainable development |Human security and sustainable human development|Gender equality | Governance, citizenship, participation and new social contracts.

More than one thousand participants among panellist, speakers and attendees, are expected to gather in Washington, DC for this inter-generational and multi-stakeholder development arena that SID organizes since more than 50 years.

Over three days, political leaders from developing countries, senior leaders from multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and organizations, will meet and speak with policymakers and business leaders, development activists and practitioners, major opinion leaders and intellectuals, civil society groups, students and youth organizations.

This is also the hallmark event for the SID worldwide network of chapters, members and partner institutions to gather together and exchange ideas and experiences on how SID, as an organization working in the field of development, can best address the new political, economic, and environmental challenges while keeping a cutting-edge, development oriented and forward looking approach.

The SID World Congress 2011 is being organised and hosted by SID Washington D.C. Chapter. For more information about participation and registration to the 2011 SID World Congress, please visit the congress website: www.sidcongress.org or contact the SID Washington chapter at: worldcongress(AT)sidw.org