Online launch: Vol. 53.1 'New Institutions for Development'

Twenty years after the first publication of the UNDP Human Development report, the journal revisits the concept of human development. How can human development be revitalized to empower people to enact change? In 2010, Volume 53 of Development will return to those key themes raised by the founders of human development. Authors will examine how to work towards a plural constitutionalism for a new world order. From various viewpoints they will look at how the current sense of economic uncertainty demands that a human development agenda based on equality and human rights is in place in order to move towards social justice.

On this page you can find a preview of some articles from Development 53.1 'New Institutions for Development': the editorial 'Global Crises, the Commons and Community Well-being', and interviews with Arturo Escobar and Shobha Raghuram. You will also find additional interviews carried out with authors Gustavo Esteva and David Woodward. 

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Editorial: Global Crises, the Commons and Community Well-being by Wendy Harcourt

Interview with Arturo Escobar

Interview with Shobha Raghuram

Interview with David Woodward: How to change the global governance system

Interview with Gustavo Esteva: Land and the commons: new forms of citizens' struggle

Interview with Catherine Walsh: Human Development and Buen Vivir