New Development journal collection on 'gender equality'

Gender has always been a key area of interest for SID since its inception in 1957. Similarly, the journal Development has explored gender and development issues widely considering gender as a key pillar towards the promotion of a human centred and sustainable development

On the occasion of the Fifty-Ninth Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, CSW59/Beijing+20 (2015), Development is reviewing the journal's past contribution to these debates with an online collection on 'Gender Equality', with a selection of articles published between 2005 and 2014, in order to reflect on the progress of gender equality in this last decade, as well as the losses and further challenges ahead.

The articles are authored by women activists, gender experts and community leaders advocating for gender equality from diverse viewpoints. They collectively look at the need to integrate gender and economic justice; take into account the impact of growing economic and religious fundamentalisms, new technologies and widening inequalities on the women's rights agenda. They explore the dichotomies and competitive tensions within feminist agendas and discuss how to go beyond mainstream interpretations of women's empowerment addressing the issue of agency and sexual rights.

SID journal Development will continue to reflect on and analyze the complexities of gender in the today's changing world and will continue to support the conversation on how to achieve greater agency for women, gender equality and women's empowerment.

We hope, like us, that you enjoy these past insights and reflections as we move into the post 2015 era! Click here

Wendy Harcourt, Associate Professor at the Institute for Social Studies, Erasmus University and former editor of Development

Angela Zarro, Programme Manager, Society for International Development


Photo: Unicef Ethiopia/Flickr