Lefkosa Chapter

Vision and Mission Founded in 1993, the SID Lefkoşa Chapter aims at fostering - through seminars, conferences and dialogues - the local national debate on sustainable development issues, contributing to building linkages between the national and the international development community, and promoting local environment sustainability through locally based research projects.The SID Lefkoşa Chapter is committed to Cypriot Civil Society's empowerment for a more equitable and sustainable future.

The Executive Board The Executive Board is comprised of a number of experts from diverse walks of life. It looks for ways to strengthen the bonds between various sectors of local society and is always open to comments and suggestions from members of the public. Among its members are academics, feminists, environmentalists, architects, urban designers, engineers and foresters. With this wealth of expertise SID Lefkoşa Chapter looks forward to servicing the needs of Cypriot Civil Society for many years to come.

Activities and Programmes Main field of activities of the SID Lefkoşa Chapter have been the environmental projects, i.e. marine debris, ecologically important areas, and population survey of feral donkies in Karpaz peninsula (this was published as a scientific paper in European Journal of Wildlife). The current project 'Oaks for the Future' is a bi-communal project funded by EU Commission. The aim of the research is to find and record the existing Oak trees and map the current habitat information. Educational activities are also planned in order to raise awareness and share relevant findings. Middle East Technical University and Lefke European University are partner organizations in these projects.

Contact details:
Mrs.Derya Oktay, President
Mr.Tahir Pirgalıoglu, Secretary General
Address: Atatürk Cad. No: 8, Alayköy, Lefkoşa
via Mersin 10 - Turkey
T:+903926302701 F: +903926302365
E-mail: de.oktay@gmail.com


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