It is time to end extreme inequality. Oxfam 'Even it Up' campaign and report

Oxfam| Rising inequality could set the fight against poverty back by decades, Oxfam warned as it published a new report showing that the number of billionaires worldwide has more than doubled since the financial crisis.

The Oxfam report Even it Up: Time to End Extreme Inequality  details how the richest people in the world have more money than they could ever spend while hundreds of millions live in abject poverty without essential health care or basic education. In countries around the world, prosperity is not trickling down to ordinary people, but up to those at the top, whose exceptional wealth is growing ever more rapidly. The richest 85 people – who Oxfam revealed in January as having the same wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population (3) – saw their collective wealth increase by $668 million per day between 2013 and 2014. That’s almost half a million dollars every minute
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Did you know...?

Since the financial crisis the number of billionaires has more than doubled and in that same period at least a million mothers died in childbirth.
Oxfam has calculated that in 2014 the richest 85 people on the planet owned as much as the poorest half of humanity.
Last year the richest 85 people saw their wealth increase by half a million dollars every minute
Seven out of ten people live in countries where the gap between the rich and poor is worse than thirty years ago.
Today there are 16 billionaires in sub-Saharan Africa, alongside the 358 million people living in extreme poverty.
Every year, 100 million people are pushed into poverty because they have to pay for health care.
Without action, it will take 75 years to achieve equal pay between men and women.


Source: Oxfam; Photo: Oxfam