Issue 55.1 | Greening the Economy

Volume 55 Issue 1 | Greening the economy

Produced in partnership with UNRISD, this issue critiques the current  push in development to 'green' the economy by applying market mechanisms to nature and the environment without paying enough attention to social justice issues. The issue is particularly topical in view of the Rio Summit 2012. 

Press release | Table of Contents | Editorial by Wendy Harcourt: The times they are a-changin'

Launch events

SID | ISS | HIVOS: Development 55.1  'Greening the economy' was launched on March 23 at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, on the occasion of the first of four colloquia on green economy, jointly organized by the Society for International Development, The Institute of Social Studies Erasmus University and HIVOS. The programme included keynotes by Joan Martinez-Alier (University of Barcelona), Ken MacDonald (University of Toronto), and Esther Turnhout (Wageningen University). 

SID Vienna: Issue 55.1 'Greening the Economy' was presented on the occasion of the SID Vienna  dialogue event organized by SID Vienna chapter in cooperation with the Austrian Research Foundation for International Development ÖFSE: The Role of the World Bank in a globalized World and its relevance for Austria. Read more



On the occasion of the online launch, the following blog-pieces and interviews have been generated and published on the SID Forum:

Rio +20 and the new greed economy, by Pat Mooney 

Producing the Green Economy: An innovative approach by Bram Buscher

Greening the Economy: 'Selling nature to save it' is not a solution,  Interview with Kathleen McAfee 

Greening the Economy: Where has the social dimension gone? Interview with Sarah Cook