Issue 54.4 | Cosmovisions

Volume 54 Issue 4 | Cosmovisions

Cosmovisions means many things. Development has been exploring the term principally around the concept of conviviality and the discussions on Buen Vivir. Its approach is inspired largely by the Latin American experiments in Bolivia and elsewhere as well as the Ubuntu philosophy of sub Saharan Africa. These world views are critical of western traditions of progress and modernity which are expressed in western science, economics and military power.

Given the multiple crises we are now facing it is increasingly important that western based development practitioners and thinkers listen to different view points and learn from other cultures, rethink what is community, how to live with the earth and embrace the spiritual with the material.

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Online launch:  For the online launch of volume 54.4, SID talked with Giuseppe De Marzo, economist, activist and spokesperson for the association A Sudabout  his book 'Buen Vivir- For a New Democracy of the Earth'. He points out how a radical change of paradigm in how we live with nature and fellow human beings can get us out of the crisis. Journal authors Bob Thomson, Catherine Walsh and Ana Agostino, joined this conversation adding their point of view on the topic. Read more

Special issue

Cosmovisiones - Defensa de territorios, empoderamineto femenino e identidad indìgena 

Como parte del Volumen 54 de su revista Development sobre ‘Sustentabilidad’ la Sociedad para el Desarrollo Internacional (SID) presenta este dossier en español que consta de una serie de artículos producto de las Jornadas de Diálogo y Debate sobre “Mujeres Indígenas frente a la Guerra por los Recursos Naturales y el Territorio”, organizadas por el Programa Universitario de Estudios de Género (PUEG) de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Los artículos del taller muestran cómo las mujeres indígenas de México, reclamando sus territorios y recursos naturales, aprendieron a organizarse y a luchar, creando una nueva conciencia de género y volviéndose tutores de sus culturas y tradiciones. Descargue el PDF

La versión inglesa de estos artículos está incluida en la revista Development 54.4

Cosmovisions - Defence of the territory, women empwoerment and indigenous identity

SID has put together a dossier in Spanish including a series of articles outcome of the Days of Dialogue and Debate on ‘Indigenous Movements facing the war for natural reosurces and territory’ organized by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).The articles of the workshop show how Mexican indigenous women, fighting for their territories and natural resources, learnt how to organize themselves, generating a new gender conscience and turning into custodians of their cultures and traditions. Download

The english version of these articles is included in the journal volume 54.4.