Issue 54.2 | Challenges to sustainability

Volume 54 issue 2 | Challenges to sustainability

Produced for the SID World Congress in July 2011, development opinion leaders share how to forge pathways to sustain economic growth in balance with nature while ensuring local people’s rights, identity and livelihoods

The issue aims to capture the variety of voices, positions, passions and interests that have shaped Development over the years and that are urging all of us to move forward to act. The sense of urgency can be heard in each of the articles from authors of all ages whether based in the research community, international and national policymaking arena, local and global civil society movements or in the development profession. 

Table of contents | Editorial


Launch event: SID World Congress 2011, 29-31 July, 2011, Washington D.C.

Online conversations: Four-round conversation featuring Development 54.2 authors' point of view about sustainability.

Round 1 - Critiques of sustainability: with Arturo Ecobar, Jayati Ghosh, Jan Pronk and Nicola Bullard offering provocative critiques of sustainable development and arguing for a new paradigm.

Round 2 - Views from the margins: with Teresa Teaiwa, Peggy Antrobus and Jasmina Kijevcanin reflecting on what they see as the un-sustainability of development from the vantage point of their homes in the Pacific, The Caribbean and Serbia. 

Round 3 - Looking for alternatives: with Gillian Youngs, Kathryn Cox-Shrader, and Lau Kin Chi, presenting their views about alternative ways of organizing that can help meet the challenges to mainstream development. 

Round 4 - Rethinking our commitments: presenting some of the leading pieces of this  journal issue by Shalmali Guttal, Michal Osterveil, Alec Balesescu, Nora Lester Morad.