Issue 53.3 | Sustaining local economies

Volume 53 issue 3 | Sustaining local economies

Despite the global economic crisis, can we sustain local economies? this journal issue, produced in partnership with the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS), keeps hammering away at that critical question in this sequel to one of previous issues Beyond Economics (Volume 52. 3, September 2009).

The issue takes a dual approach:

  1. To continue the debate of 'Beyond Economics', bringing in new voices and building on the dynamic discussions from the issue, from various meetings and from on-line debates.
  2. To document some of the alternatives found in local economies functioning on the margins of neo-liberal global capitalism.

It looks critically at the impact of the sub prime crisis, the politics of money and the impact of the crisis on women. It also examines local markets, strategies for sustainability, solidarity economies and care networks as ways to empower people and encourage greater civic agency. From both a rights perspective and a critical development perspective, the journal issue looks at how to develop diverse modes of production in different parts of the world. It features innovative ways to understand possible alternatives to global capitalist economies as part of the search for sustainable futures.

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Launch event: This journal issue was launched at the Hivos dialogue Knowledge & Change, Theory and Practice of Development Dilemmas' in The Hague, 29 September 2010. The Dialogue was organized to contribute to the debate on knowledge and change. The participants reflected both on theory and practice of development dilemmas as well as methodologies of knowledge development. Some 130 invited activists, NGO practitioners and scholars from all continents attended in a series of debates both structure and impromptu. The launch was one of two parallel events on the first day. At the launch Hivos programme coordinator Josine Stremmelaar, journal author Alec Balasescu, Editor of Development Wendy Harcourt and Associate Editor Shobha Raghuram laid out some of the complex constraints at the macro level which hinder local economies and their autonomy. Read more

Online launch: On the occasion of the online launch, DevelopmentPLUS featured an interview with Josine Stremmelaar, Hivos Knowledge' Programme Coordinator Josine Stremmelaar. 

Getting out of the trap: An interview with Josine Stremmelaar