Interview with Kathleen McAfee for DevelopmentPLUS

As a follow up to the online launch of Development 55.1 'Greening the economy', in the following weeks DevelopmentPLUS will be featuring interviews, opinion pieces and book reviews on the subject of the green economy. 



This week we feature an interview with Development author Kathleen McAfee Greening the Economy: ‘Selling Nature to Save it’ is not a solution!. Kathleen McAfee talks about the problems connected to the use of market instruments applied to nature. In particular she discusses the difficulties of putting a price on nature, the risk of commodification of nature and the emergence of growing global inequalities due to the workings of uneven markets. 

This edition of Development is produced in partnership with the UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and includes papers presented at the UNRISD conference 'Green Economy and Sustainable Development: Bringing Back the Social Dimension', held in October 2011, on topics ranging from global crises to grassroots conservation and development projects.

A strong message of the journal is that transforming our current unsustainable production and consumption patterns requires major long-term changes in our individual and collective behaviour and lifestyles. For this we need not only a 'green economy' but also 'green governance' that creates synergies among diverse values, local governance and macro-level policy. Read the joint SID-UNRISD press release.


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