Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Growth

To make globalization more inclusive and equitable, managing intellectual property is of key importance.

13 May 2013 | SID Lecture with Graham Dutfield ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Growth
Breakthrough technologies, like high-yielding varieties of rice and maize, can improve human well-being, but sometimes innovations create new inequalities, for example unequal access to AIDS medicines.
Graham Dutfield, Professor International Governance at the School of Law, Leeds University, will discuss in his lecture how intellectual property frameworks can be reformed so that private (and economic) interests are safeguarded and innovation is stimulated, but actual and potential human consequences are included.
Anna Meijknecht, junior researcher at the Tilburg University, will join as a discussant.
This lecture will take place at the VU University, Amsterdam, Auditorium – 17:00-19:00hrs. Free admission: / more information

SID NL’s core activity is its annual lecture series on a theme both relevant and current for the area of international and development cooperation. These lecture cycles are organised in cooperation with VU University Amsterdam and NCDO.
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