Inequalities in Kenya

The overall objective of this project is to generate, analyze and publish socio-economic data in Kenya from the county level, which the highest level of administration to the ward level, which is the lowest level of administration on chronic poverty, inequality and county resources. The project seeks to build a stronger understanding on the existing level of derivatization and disparities at the county level which would in turn influence policy formulation, programme development and utilization of public resources.

As a result of this work, Exploring Kenya’s Inequality: Pulling Apart or Pooling Together?  examines the state of inequality in Kenya from the county to the ward.  The publication presents monetary measures of inequality such as expenditure patterns of groups and non-money metric measures of inequality in important livelihood parameters like employment, education, energy, housing, water and sanitation to show the levels of vulnerability and patterns of unequal access to essential social services at the national, county, and constituency and ward levels.

 This is a follow up of previous SID work on inequality, and seeks to respond to the emerged need of organizing, analysing and using data as a key tool functional to the implementation of Kenyan devolution process.

The report's data and figures have been made available on a dedicated website: Kenya Inequalities website

The report is a publication of the Society for International Development (SID) in conjunction with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), and the sponsorship and support of the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

SID previos publications on inequalities:

Read­ings on Inequality in Kenya: Sectoral Dynamics and Perspectives (2007)

Pulling Apart: Facts and Figures on Inequality in Kenya (2004)