Ijue Tanzania Mwaka 2035. Know Tanzania in 2035

This is a scenario study designed under the SID program called Tanzania Speaks. It probed what Tanzania as nation will be like twenty years from today. 'Ijue Tanzania Mwaka 2035' is a Kiswahili for 'Know Tanzania in 2035' which was prepared as newspapers inserts and circulated twice to reach exactly 100,000 readers across the country.

The study is based on the premise that Tanzania's economy is growing and the country is stable and peaceful. But at the same time there are some negative signals which are informed of the growing individualities, corruption, and lack of political seriousness which might be reasons for the start of the fall of the nation.

The goal of the study was to lead and provoke discussions, talks and dialogues among people about the kind of Tanzania they want and would like to live twenty years from today.

The major aim is to make sure that citizens discourses are informed and analytical about the citizens hope, fears, current life situation, politics, economy and development, our major socio-economic challenges and what kind of Tanzania do we have need and aspire by the year 2035.

Download the scenario study (Kiswahili)


Photo: Container patchwork, Zanzibar, Tanzania, by Mohammed Somji, Flickr