Help Crowd-Fund SID Bolivia’s flagship project initiative

The SID Bolivia chapter has recently waded into the deep waters of crowd-funding and seeks the support of the SID family to help resource its project “Youth Creating a Shared Vision of Bolivia’s Future”. This initiative which builds on a 2011-2 Fulbright Hayes grant, seeks to facilitate a broad-based dialogue process that will focus on Bolivian youth, to cultivate their views, ideas and interest in creating possible and plausible futures (scenarios) portraying challenges that Bolivia might face and opportunities that their country will face over the next 17 years to 2025 when Bolivia celebrates 200 years of independence from Spain.

Through a series of three three-day-workshops and various activities that aim to engage youth from all over the country - meetings (with youth and with decision makers), online conversations, round tables, training sessions and discussion groups - this process seeks to (1) Form and nurture a cohesive young group of Bolivia’s future leaders; (2) nurture the seeds of a shared vision that could inspire citizens and decision makers, challenging them to engage in a constructive dialogue that acknowledges and embraces diversity more positively; (3) Engage youth in a dialogue about the historic challenge that they, as a generation, will most likely face: how to unite their country as it confronts its development challenges and what role Bolivia’s natural resources could play in fostering this unity?; (4) Discuss and prepare youth to confront probable futures that as a generation they might need to face. This initiative will be pioneering the use of public interest scenarios in Bolivia, a methodology previously used in several countries with successful results in conflict transformation.

SID Bolivia is seeking to raise up to $25,488 to launch this project and would be grateful for the support of SID members (and friends). Being a crowd-funded initiative, any amount contributed adds up to the total. Donations can be made conveniently via Further details on the initiative are available by visiting the following website: or by contacting the SID Bolivia Chapter leader Susana del Granado at: