The Global Land Rush: What's real and what are the myths?


Together with the global Land Action Research Network and Dutch based LANDac, the journal of Development put together a series of articles on global land grabs as the first issue of Development volume 54 on Sustainability. The journal issue was launched a seminar 'The global land rush: What's real and what are the myths? Rushing for solutions' organized by International Development Studies IDS (Utrecht University) and LANDac (see, in collaboration with Development, the journal of the Society of International Development (SID) and SID Netherlands Chapter (SID NL). The afternoon seminar debated large-scale land acquisitions, assesing the implications for equitable and sustainable development of the 'land rush'. Both research issues and policy implications were debated with lively debates lead by questions from the audience about the role of Europe and the Netherlands in land grabs.

The key messages about solutions and policy proposals emerged during the conversation are reported below. For a full version of the report, including a description of the new research initiatives on land grab, please click here.