Global Food Governance: How Corporations Undermine Multilateralism

On 3-4 September, 2021, the India Counter Dialogue on the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) was organised by Jan Sarokar* (Peoples Agenda).

The aim of the dialogue was to critically scrutinise the UNFSS, its implications for small food producers, livestock farmers, pastoralists, fishworkers, forest people and India’s overall food security and sovereignty.

Focus on the Global South co-organised the first session of the two-day dialogue on 'Corporate Capture on Food and Governance'. 

Speakers included Prof. Michael Fakhri (UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food), Stefano Prato (Managing Director of Society of International Development), Shalmali Guttal, (Executive Director of Focus on the Global South) and Ranjini Basu (Focus on the Global South) as moderator.

The speakers elaborated on different aspects of the UNFSS; its structure, leadership, motivations, and the global resistance building up against it. They placed the UNFSS within the larger context of increasing corporate capture of global governance of food systems through ‘multistakeholderism’ that was undermining democratic multilateral processes.

*Jan Sarokar is a collective of rights-based campaigns, social movements, mass organisations and academics. For more information see here:

Stefano Prato, Managing Director of the Society for International Development, explained the different strategies adopted by corporations to take over and control the global food governance processes. He mapped out the motivations of the corporations to take over the discourse on food systems, through the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) process.

Stefano also highlighted the importance of resisting the corporate capture of food systems at the country and regional levels, in order to protect the member-state-led democratic and multilateral spaces of global food governance.

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