New!  Quarterly publication of the SID Futures programme
The Greater Horn Quarterly is the new SID futures quarterly newsletter monitoring trends and offering insights on current issues within the Greater Horn region

In 1998 SID initiated the unique East Africa Futures programme of research-driven, public interest scenarios initially focusing on the individual countries of the region and evolving into a full-blown regional scenarios exercise. Since then, SID has continuously engaged East Africa's policy actors in a process of reflecting on the possible alternative futures that individual countries and the region might have to face.

Two major initiaves are currently being developed: 

East Africa Scenarios Programme |  Trend Monitoring Report

To learn more about SID previous scenarios stories, go to: Kenya at the Crossroads (Scenarios to 2015) Tutafika Tanzania: Imaging our Future (Scenarios to 2030) The Story of Uganda (Scenarios to 2030)