FoodFirst Conference on 'Breaking the hunger cycle'.

New foodFIRST conference: Breaking the hunger cycle, 29 May 2012, | H 13.30-17.00. 
Innovatoren, Floriade, Venlo, The Netherlands.

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After less than one year from the food crisis in the Horn of Africa, a new african food crisis is emerging, in the Sahel region. How can we act to avoid further damages and further crises?

The first part of the conference will analyze the current situation in the Sahel region; the second part will look at initiaitives and innovations needed to strenghten food security. Participants included: Prof. David Millar, University for Development Studies, Ghana, Madeleen Helmer, Red Cross/Climate Centre and Joris Lohman, Youth Food Movement. 

SID Forum highlights

First conference on Cooperatives and Development, April 24, 2012. As a continuation of the discussion on cooperatives and development, the SID Forum has invited Situma Mwichabe, a senior development consultant based in Kenya, to share his point of view on the necessary strategy to enhance the role and performance of cooperatives in Africa. Read Situma's article

Second conference on Food and Sustainability, May 8 2012. In order to continue the foodFIRST debate  on food and sustainability and to better understand the issues involved, the SID Forum has invited Suman Sahai - a scientist and chairperson of the Indian Ngo, the 'Gene Campaign' - to explain the impact of climate change on food and livelihoods in developing countries. Read Suman Sahai's article



Photo: Oxfam East Africa/flickr