Food systems for life, are we all on board?


SID's Policy and Advocacy Officer on Food Systems, Nutrition and Agroecology, Magdalena Ackerman was invited to participate in the Independent Dialogues on the UN Food Systems Summit. hosted by CLACSO (The Latin American Council on Social Sciences) and other organizations listed below, to share a perspective on the risks posed by the United Nations Food Systems Summit on global governance.

The speakers that participated in the dialogue were: 

  • Islandia Becerra. President ABA, Faculty of Nutrition. Federal University of Alagoas
  • Álvaro Acevedo. Member of RENAF. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Colombia.
  • Eduardo Cerdá. National Agroecology Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Argentina.
  • Cecilia Elizondo. Vice President SOCLA, ECOSUR/SOMEXA.
  • Magdalena Ackermann. Society for International Development
  • Marciano Toledo da Silva. Movimiento dos Pequenos Agricultores/ La Via Campesina


  • Miguel Escalona
  • Ines Gazzano


  • CLACSO Working Group Political Agroecology
  • Agroecology Research Group of the University of Colombia
  • Brazilian Association of Agroecology

You can watch Magdalena's full participation (in Spanish) HERE.