Final Report of 'Beyond Economics'


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In 2009-2010 the Society for International Development (SID), in partnership with the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos), responded to the financial crisis through a special issue of the SID journal Development on 'Beyond Economics', and three consecutive launches on three continents.

The first one was held in New York on 29-31 October 2009 together with the policy seminar 'Responding to the interlocked financial, climate and care crises'. The second took place in The Hague on 11 December 2009 under the title 'Beyond Economics: Building collective responsibility for sustainable livelihoods'. Finally, a third launch on 2?3 February 2010 was carried out in Dar es Salaam under the title 'Beyond Economics: An East African Conversation'.

All launches built on the journal issue on Beyond Economics. The conversations focused on the critique of mainstream neo-classical economic thinking. They searched for visions for alternative forms of economies, as well as new frameworks for sustainable human development. The seminars aimed to analyze the systemic crisis the world is facing, going beyond the financial and economic one, and proposing solutions that also encompass the food, climate and care crises. While the first two launches debated the implications of the crises and what it means to go beyond economics at the international level, the third launch discussed specifically the effects of the crises on Africa.

The launches were attended by a diverse audience including academics, development practitioners, activists, government and business sector representatives. The issue was debated from equally varied angles, including the economic, the political and the cultural, with a stress on the need for a new ethics. This publication reproduces the three reports from the launches, the programmes of the events and the list of participants. It also carries interviews with journalís authors and speakers at the launches. The interviews were regularly posted on this website.

SID and Hivos will continue their collaboration and will keep the dialogue alive on how to shape a different economy which ensures social justice and a more equitable world. The next step will be jointly producing Development 53.3 entitled 'Sustaining Local Economies', out in September 2010. This follow up journal issue will explore how local economies are functioning at the margins of neo-liberal global capitalism.

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