Farmers' displacement is a matter of life and death!

SID Hyderabad Chapter, in cooperation with APCC and CASA, called for a Conference on November 4, 2011 on 'Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill 2011: Problems and Prospects'. 

The Government of India, in its efforts to promote a just and a fair governance, initiated and acted upon several positive enactments in the Parliament such as the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, a potential measure, presently under final discussion, to address an effective implementation plan in favour of the farmers, the landless labour, the minorities and such other weaker sections of the Society.

SID Hyderabad Chapter, in cooperation with APCC and CASA, called for a Conference on November 4, 2011 on 'Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill 2011 — Problems and Prospects' in order to discuss and hopefully fine-tune the bill so that an effective Act of the Parliament is in place. 

Fifty delegates representing the SID Chapters from the region, the voluntary agencies and the civil society groups attended the conference.

Just as the farmer is a back bone to the nation, so is land back bone to the farmer, therefore displacing farmers is often an issue of life and death to the community, Dr. Jetti Oliver, former president of Hyderabad Chapter and member of SID Governing Council, stated in the opening speech.

While industrialization and urbanization are inevitable, holdings of small farmers and fertile lands to be converted into industrial belts, cold storages, and high-tech parks, is avoidable. He contended that the proposed package in the LARR Bill 2011 is not in proportion to the pecuniary loss the displaced farmers are being subjected to and it is still fresh in our minds the experience of the Nagarjunasagar Dam, the worlds biggest earthen dam that displaced 1000 farmers in the southern districts of Telengana region (Andhra Pradesh). Recently, the international airports, coming up almost in every city of the nation, are displacing a huge number of small and marginal farmers who are being uprooted with no chance of being re-rooted.

Dr. Oliver called upon the government to reconsider the proposed compensation package and ensure that the displaced farmers are given reasonable legal rights through ownership or shareholding in those companies that displace them, in addition to jobs and the monetary compensations.

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Photo: J Anand/flickr