EU parliament slams aid scheme that uses big agribusiness to 'feed Africa'

Press Release, Global Justice Now, 7 June 2016 | On Tuesday lunchtime the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to accept a highly critical report made by the EU Development Committee on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition – an aid initiative that has received £600 million from DFID.
The report, which was commissioned earlier in the year, highlighted numerous concerns about the scheme, including:
- the introduction and spread of certified seeds in Africa increases smallholder dependence, makes indebtedness more probable, and erodes seed diversity.

- the need for EU Member States to invest in agro-ecological farming practices in developing countries.

- the need for independent grievance mechanisms for those communities affected by land dispossession.

- the lack of consultation with civil society groups from Africa before the launch of the scheme.

- the flawed assumption that corporate investment in agriculture automatically improves food security and nutrition and reduces poverty

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Photo: Marcus_jb1973, Flickr, Some Rights Reserved