Enough is enough! Privatisation & public services: a conversation with current and former UN Special Rapporteurs

Join us, on October 19 at 2pm CEST, for an online discussion bringing together current and former UN Special Rapporteurs to reflect on the impacts of privatisation and on renewed momentum and strategies for the public provision of services related to economic, social and cultural rights, including health, education, water and sanitation, and housing. 

After decades of de-regulation and privatisation policies around the world, private actors are playing increasing role in many sectors, from education and health, to water, food and housing.  However, concerns that privatised systems are gravely threatening the realisation of human rights are rising. In the last years, dozens of human rights experts and bodies have rung the alarm bell, including four Special Rapporteurs who wrote reports on the topic. The issue is becoming all the more critical in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, high and rising inequalities, and the ecological emergency. More than ever, the current trends towards privatisation and the dismantling of public services appear to be untenable.

This is thus a crucial time to review the human rights concerns across sectors and discuss the alternatives to the dominant discourses. This event will for the first time bring together a range of current and former UN Special Rapporteurs who will explore how human can rights can serve to build a joint analysis of privatisation, and bring support to resilient, rights-aligned, gender inclusive public services and innovative approaches to realise the common good in a changing world. 

It a unique opportunity to discuss one of the crucial issues of our times, across sectors and disciplines, and build the growing momentum for public services. It will take place online on 19th October at 12pm UTC (2pm SAST, 8pm PHST).