East Africa Today: An interview with Terfa & Idayat


In Episode 21, East Africa Today has its first three-person podcast with Mr. Terfa Philip Hemen and Ms. Idayat Hassan, both from the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) in Nigeria. In the podcast we discuss their impressions of Kenya and East Africa from a West African perspective and identify similar trends that are shaping both regions, particularly the youth bulge. Mr. Hemen and Ms. Hassan explain how the youth, in the absence of a brighter future and aspirations, sometimes turn to religion as an outlet. We speak about Boko Haram and similar groups will increase in the future. Both Mr. Hemen and Ms. Hassan explain how the youth bulge can be a threat and an opportunity but believe that in Nigeria the youth will be the reason the country transforms. They also shed light on the future of Nigeria and what to expect in the coming years, including how Nollywood can be a force for political transformation. 

Ms. Idayat Hassan is a lawyer and development practitioner promoting good governance and democracy in Nigeria and West Africa. At the CDD she is the Senior Programme Officer who develops and implements programs promoting the rule of law and democracy in the region. Prior to joining CDD, she was the coordinator of the anti-corruption coalition network, Movement Against Corruption, a coalition comprising of over three hundred civil society groups in Nigeria. Ms. Hassan holds an LLM from Brussels and was recently a visiting scholar at the Columbia University Law School in New York. 

Mr. Terfa Philip Hemen works as a Programme Officer in charge of Information and Publications at CDD and is presently the Project Officer for the West Africa Trend Monitoring and Horizon Scanning project supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mr. Hemen has vast expeirence in the fields of deomcratic governance, conflict, peace and security. He was part of the ECOWAS election observer team to the Presidential elections in Niger. Prior to joining CDD, Mr. Hemen worked as a research assistant for Family Health International on the inventory and geographic information system (GIS) mapping of HIV/AIDS delivery service units and programmers in Benue State, Nigeria. He was also a project coordinator for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) project on the survey of the integrity and capacity of the justice sector in Benue State. 

You can follow Mr. Hemen and Ms. Hassan on Twitter: @terphill and @HassanIdayat

Photo: Terfa Hemen and Idayat Hassan

Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Terfa & Idayat

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