East Africa Today: An interview with Sam Mwale


In Episode 18 and after a successful launch of SID's Development journal on African Strategies for Transformation, East Africa Today speaks with Mr. Sam Mwale, Member of the SID Governing Council and former Principal Administrative Secretary in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya. In the podcast Mr. Mwale tells us what Africa's transformation looks like and what political transformation means for East Africa. Is East Africa doing too much by taking on political, social and economic transformation? Mr. Mwale explains how the region is in a hurry to implement change but in reality it takes a generation to fully transform a country. We discuss the unemployment issue in the region and how it is the key to unlocking real economic transformation. Mr. Mwale sheds light on the challenges and rewards of working in public office, specifically in the highest levels of government. What's it like being 'in the room' with decision makers and the Commander in Chief?


Mr. Mwale is currently Founder and CEO of Farasi Strategy Advisors Ltd., which provides strategic advise to local and international business on investing in Kenya. He has significant experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to his position as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President, he served as Economic Advisor to the National Economic and Social Council and Ministry of Planning and National Development. Before joining the public service, Mr. Mwale worked in the private sector as a private consultant for several years. He is also a writer and commentator on public policy issues, an entrepreneur and environmentalist. 

As a member of the SID Governing Council since 2004 Mr. Mwale is keen in promoting Kenya as an investment destination. He was involved in the Vision 2030 process and is keen on seeing Kenya becoming a middle-income country. 

You can follow Mr. Mwale on Twitter: @farasi_sam

Picture: Sam Mwale (via Malimbika)

Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Sam Mwale

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