East Africa Today: An interview with Miranda Naiman


In episode 2 of East Africa Today, we stop by the offices of Empower Limited (Ltd.) and speak with the CEO and Founder, Ms. Miranda Naiman. We ask Ms. Naiman about her experiences in dealing with the Tanzania's labour market, what skillsets are at a premium in Tanzania and what areas need more investment? She sets the record straight on whether Tanzanians should be worried about Kenyans entering the labour market and suggests ways the services industry in the country and beyond can be improved. 


Ms. Naiman is an enthusiastic and engaging human resources professional with vast experience in programme design and facilitation, implementation of performance management systems and general management consultancy for a range of organizations. She was part of the first batch of students to complete the Central School of Speech and Drama's BA (Hons) degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education, before going on to do an Master of Arts in Theatre and Development Studies at the University of Leeds. 

Empower Ltd. is a consulting firm that focuses primarily on enhancing people's capabilities by capacity-building through customised training and development programmes. Empower Ltd. offers experiential teambuilding; HR consultancy services; employee engagement surveys and implementation of performance management systems. Empower's client profile range from hotels, to development organizations, financial institutions and the telecoms industry across East Africa. 

Photo: Empower Limited 

Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Miranda Naiman

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